Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy is a natural and safe therapy that is risk-free and without side-effects. It provides relief for a wide range of chronic  health conditions such as sinusitis, hay-fever, asthma, bronchitis as well as skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and allergies.
It boosts the immune system and improves mental well-being.

Salt is a natural part of our body’s function. Each of our cells contains over 80 minerals that are also present in salt and these minerals keep our body cleansed, fight toxins and allow energy to flow. (These are called Negative ions.)

In today’s world though, we are surrounded by pollutants or toxins (these are called Positive ions) such as smog, electronic devices like phones and computers, vacuum cleaners, dryers and TV's. These toxins deplete our cells and immune system which then exacerbates problems like asthma, allergies, stress and insomnia.

Salt therapy’s aim is to reduce and eliminate these toxins which are then coughed up or expelled via the bloodstream. As a result the overall health and energy flow in the body greatly improves.

It was hand mined in the far reaches of the Himalayan mountains — one of the most pristine and untouched places on earth. Pink Himalayan salt becomes darker as it becomes denser with minerals, which means this salt is packed full of minerals like calcium and magnesium