​How  Salt Therapy can benefit  you. 

By sitting in the salt rooms, your respiratory system will be exposed to minute particles of Pharmaceutical-Grade salt and Allergy filtered air. The size of the salt particles in the air ranges from 1-5 micrometers. During the session, the larger of the particles make it into the upper airways of the sufferer and the smaller particles make it to the lower areas of the respiratory system (alveoli). Pharmaceutical Salt is natural anti-histamine, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, so being able to inhale such fine particles into the entire respiratory system helps to relieve any inflammation, breaks up mucous, and relieves congestion.

How many sessions needed depends on the condition, the level of the condition (chronic, acute), how long the condition has been, the age of the person, medication, level of congestion, and dried out mucous (obstructions), lifestyle, diet.

Some conditions effectively treated with Salt Therapy:

Allergic rhinitis 
Asthma intermittent, mild 
Asthma – moderate 
Bronchitis - Acute bronchitis with lasting stage 
Bronchitis - Recurrent 
Bronchitis - Chronic simple 
Bronchitis - Chronic obstructive
Bronchiectatic disease 
Cystic Fibrosis 
Hay fever 
Multi chemical sensitivity syndrome 
Pharyngitis and tonsillitis 
Respiratory infections, influenza 
Sinusitis - chronic  & acute
Skin pathology 

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